Sponsors, Donors & Other Generous People


We have so many people to thank for their support in starting our community garden that we've made a webpage especially for them.

Continued support through the years to come will ensure that this wonderful garden will always be available for our community.

A Special Thank You For Services In The Garden

Kevin Fleming came through for us when we needed major work in the garden. He coordinated with the Harrington family to move topsoil to the garden site and level the garden, filling in the low wet areas. He organized the supply purchase so we had all the wood and fasteners there to create the raised plot beds. He directed our huge workday of frame building and soil filling so it could be done the most efficiently with minimum toiling. We are so very thankful for his tremendous effort creating a garden of promise from a bare patch of ground.

We are also hugely thankful to John Harrington loaning us the use of some large earth movers and the operator to do the job of leveling our garden and moving soil around the entire day. We never knew such large machines could be operated & finessed so carefully.

Thanks To Our Grantors




The Garden Club Of New Jersey started our garden off by granting us $1000 which we immediately put towards the deer fencing surrounding the garden in 2013.




A Sustainable Jersey grant of $800 was given us by the town in 2013. We put this towards the cost of supplies for our raised beds.



The Garden Club of Somerset Hills  gave us a $735 grant in 2014 to build our compost bin areas.

More Sponsor/Donors

Sponsorship and the listing of sponsors on this site or at the garden is not an indication of endorsement by Washington Township or the Washington Township Community Garden.